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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curry, Canvas, Culture

Busy Bombay

I thought I would include a few non-art related pictures to share a bit of my every day life. The one above was a typical scene on a Bombay street, which honestly looks much more orderly then many of the streets in India.

I took this photo in Warangal a couple of days ago while I was leaving the vegetable market. This is one of the stands in a whole line of chicken shops along the road, semi-obviously, outside of a mosque. Many Hindus are vegetarian, and therefore do not eat or handle meat. So, this is naturally a great business opportunity for the Muslims, who although have specific rules about how animals are to be killed, are more than happy to do the job.

This "baba/swamy/holy guy" was walking around nearby a temple collecting money. Something is soo perfect about the whole look of this man. The colors of the robes and turban, the graying beard and the calmness in his face express a combo of the vibrancy and stillness that India so uniquely holds.

If it weren't for my semi-regular, involuntary bouts of intestinal flushing, I would no doubt be 25 lbs. heavier each time I returned from India. This is... "my lunch" photo, minus two items that were finished off already. I had some "channa masala" (chick peas), "mutton curry" (cute little goats), "rasam" (spicey broth), rice and curd (not soo creamy or sweet plain yogurt). Yep, thats a regular meal. And its also why I need to take a nap every afternoon to devote all my energy to digestion. Whew!!

And finally, the whole reason I am in India...the Artists. Here is a photo of a few of the artists I have been working with in Warangal. These gentlemen all belong to an "artists club" that meets regularly. They were all happy to share the load of work I have for them. They each took on one or two paintings and happily offered up more help from friends if I need more. We sat and talked for a while in Mr. Murthy's (pronounced, "murti")shop while they showed me their portfolios, discussed concepts, and talked about the changing face of art and technology. I'm really excited to work with these guys and I think they are excited as well. Not to worry, I am also working with two female artists in Warangal, but they aren't a part of "the club"...yet :)


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