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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back in America

Its been nearly two months since I've returned to the USA from India. It has been a busy and successful time that has encouraged my work for Beyond Measure in a great way. I have recently printed the first run of t-shirts featuring the famous "Lorry Eagle" that is seen so often on the side of the cargo trucks in North India.
This design was duplicated for me by an Indian girl in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh. It has been a great success so far and I am really happy with the results. Next I hope to print two more designs featuring Tamil writing and Telegu writing. We are also working on a format to sell the t-shirts on our website. I am grateful to all the encouragement and support I have received while working on this design and first printing of the shirts. My thanks also to Jacqueline and Earth A-Wear Printing.

I recently spoke at a small forum with a two other young adults who had founded or who worked for a non-profit organization. I realized more clearly that night, the beauty of how much each of us is capable of doing for one another. The three young people speaking (we were all in our mid twenties to early thirties) that night were all completely different in our gifts and abilities. One of us was an artist, one a surfer and musician, and one a zoologist, and we had all found a way to help people in developing countries by incorporating those gifts into our work. I do more fully know and believe that our natural state is one of the need to love and help one another. I know I will continue to be inspired the more I meet and people and share my own story. I hope that I will also ignite and inspire that place in others. It is a job I feel grateful to do.


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